Origin Story

PrivacyAnd began as an idea of Tracy’s in 2001, and was gifted a name spontaneously in 2002.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a romantic comedy with an incredible cast, including the great Michael Constantine playing Kostas “Gus” Portokalos, the Greek father of the main character Toula Portokalos. Throughout the movie, Gus is challenged repeatedly on his insistence that everything can be traced back to the Greeks, up to and including Windex (the window washing product). Gus’ ability to thread every modern invention to a Greek origin reminded friends of Tracy’s ability to “make every conversation turn into a privacy discussion.”

It is indeed true.

Fast forward to Drew Spencer, an American engineering leader, who had the practical vision to turn this ethereal concept into an LLC. Based out of Washington State, PrivacyAnd is boutique. We negotiate regularly to sharpen our vision. We work with non-profits, start-ups, and Fortune 100s. In addition to consulting, teaching and research services, we’re also working on automation projects for hard privacy problems. We partner with other small companies that have a similar mindset and dedication to the importance of privacy in a democratic system.

PrivacyAnd, Founder – Tracy Kosa, PhD

PrivacyAnd, CEO – Drew Spencer

PS. We’re also married, but that’s a different origin story.