We work with all kind of organizations, ranging from those who specialize in services for high risk groups, e.g. women’s Telehealth services, to large scale Cloud providers. Generally, our customers fall into one of these categories:

Organizations with established privacy capabilities.

We provide a wide variety of services, including privacy program optimization, leveraging our extensive experience working at the biggest privacy teams in the world (MSFT, Google, Amazon, Meta) that incorporates best practices. We can review and propose organizational capability improvements on: team structure, infrastructure flexibility, risk vs compliance stance, change management, etc.

Organizations with nascent privacy capabilities.

Services generally focus on maturing compliance functions, including privacy program design. We can also assess your program to evaluate scalability and improve the ROPI (‘return on privacy investment’ – thanks to E.A. for coining the term!). We’ve conducted thousands of privacy assessments of all kinds, including PIAs, DPIAs, or basic privacy reviews on thousands of different products, services and platforms. We can help identify and mitigate critical risks in third party due diligence (‘shadow IT’), one of most enforced areas of privacy regulation globally. In our experience, M&A hardly covers the privacy risks around using acquired data sets – we know how to find, rank and offer strategies to maximize usefulness of this data.

Organizations asking themselves, ‘should I even worry about this?’

Yes, you should – at least worry enough to know what you don’t know. We can provide a holistic privacy assessment to determine if and how you should be addressing privacy obligations.

The curious privacy professional.

If you found us by accident and you’re in the business already, you may find some of the information under the ever growing ‘Resources’ section useful. Feedback, requests and comments welcome at info @