Our Company

PrivacyAnd is dedicated to all things that build customer trust; privacy and compliance in any technology.

We work with healthcare providers using AI technologies. We help researchers using neurotech understand the unintended consequences. We build GDPR tools. We help Cloud providers meet US, Canadian, Australian and UK compliance standards. We work with law enforcement to implement compliance standards. We work with non-profits to develop privacy-friendly data practices. We work with educational institutions on FERPA compliance. We conduct DPIAs and PIAs, and write policies.

You name it, PrivacyAnd can help you succeed.

Trust often isn’t considered a business critical issue until (a) you’re in a highly regulated space, (b) you’ve got a big enough customer base to make it one through the sheer volume of data you’re collecting, and / or (c) you’re doing something brand new and unique. We want to understand your business, help you find the right risk threshold and work with you to achieve your goals: whether that’s PR repair from a breach, compliance 101 or trust as a product differentiator.

PrivacyAnd everything.

See services for details on some of our typical engagements, here for a high-level breakdown of our typical customers, or here if you’re curious how we came to be.