Notices (of Collection)

Privacy models generally come in two forms: (1) notice and consent, or (2) notice and accountability.

Notice and consent models are typically utilized where data subjects are able to choose about an information disclosure or providers, as in credit card providers or banks.  Notice and authority models apply when there is limited or no choice but a recognition of the need for transparency, for example, in obtaining a driver’s licence from the government authorities in Ontario who are the only authorized providers of licensing services.  Third, an authority model, where an organization is permitted by law to collect, use and disclose personal information under specific identified circumstances without notice or consent, such as an active ongoing law enforcement investigation.

Some examples are provided below:

What strikes me is that a lot of notices are based on fear or suggesting that cameras are provided for ‘your’ benefit.  It tends to feed in to the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ paradigm.  But when it comes to cameras, the only ‘us’ and ‘them’ is the people in front of the camera versus the ones behind it.